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App for Mobile Marketers

MMP (Mobile Marketing Professionals) is your go-to app for ASO, User Acquisition, Retention, Growth, and Design.

Save your time

Stay updated on trends

Always with you

MMP app


Stay updated with news, events, jobs, tools, and community - all in one place.

Mobile marketing news


Stay updated with the latest mobile marketing news and trends from the ad world.

ASO, UA and Gaming conferences


Explore tailored job listings directly within the app, making it easy to find and apply.

Mobile Marketing Jobs


Never miss an event! Plan ahead and get reminders.

MMP community


Connect with peers, ask questions, and share insights in our friendly community forum.


MMP simplifies your mobile marketing journey,

bringing everything you need together in one place.


Keep up with the latest and most important news in mobile marketing.


Quickly find what you need with easy category filters and search.

App for mobile marketers


Bookmark top articles, jobs, events, and tools for easy access in your profile.


Share your finds with colleagues and expand your professional network.

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See what leading professionals say about MMP –

real feedback to inspire your confidence.

“MMP helps me to stay on top of ASO news and connect with other mobile marketing pros.”

Anna Kulneva, ASO Manager

ASO manager


Find answers to common questions about MMP in our FAQ section.

  • Is MMP free to use?
    Yes, MMP is absolutely free! We hope it brings great value to your mobile marketing efforts.
  • How can I suggest content for the app?
    You can easily suggest content (News, Jobs, Events or Tools) within the app through the settings menu or by sending an email to
  • How can I contact you for cooperation inquiries?
    For any collaboration requests, please email us at or connect with us on LinkedIn.
  • What does "Created by marketers for marketers" mean?
    This means MMP was designed with deep marketing insights. We’ve spent most of our careers in marketing, including being the part of Mobile or Digital Marketing Agencies. This experience has been integral to creating an app that truly understands marketers’ needs.

Download MMP and Join a thriving community of
mobile marketing professionals to drive app growth

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