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Mobile Marketing Digest: June 4 - June 7

Updated: Jun 12

Digital Market Index Report

Q1 2024 Digital Market Index Report

Key insights

  1. Japan shows strong growth, while North America and Europe present growth opportunities for publishers.

  2. Consumer spending increases across all top app categories, with significant growth.

  3. TikTok leads in global consumer spending but experiences a decline in downloads.

  4. Monopoly GO! sets new records in Q1 for top mobile games.

  5. US digital ad spend sees a 16% year-over-year increase.

Apple software and technologies.

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Your first million app users: 15 keys for mobile growth

Key insights

  1. Know your customer/user/player: Understand their needs and engage with them.

  2. Test the first-time user experience: Optimize app onboarding to increase user retention.

  3. Set clear KPIs: Define measurable goals for marketing, monetization, and management.

  4. Don't rush into ad buying: Start slow, gather data, and analyze performance before scaling.

  5. Focus on ASO: Optimize app store presence to improve conversion rates and reduce costs.

  6. Pay attention to push notifications: Personalize and optimize notifications for engagement.

  7. Build a tech stack: Utilize an MMP, outsource tech, and analyze data for growth insights.

Gaming Data digest

Data digest: Monopoly Go, Brawl Stars and Dungeon & Fighter numbers, YouTube playables, Newzoo stats and more

Key insights

  1. Monopoly Go's revenue remains strong despite a significant decline in downloads, indicating a loyal player base and potential for player monetization.

  2. The success of Brawl Stars' Godzilla event highlights the positive impact of complementary events on game revenue, showcasing the importance of engaging and exciting content updates.

  3. MyGames' achievement of 1.2bn registered users in five years showcases their ability to attract and retain a large player base, while the success of Rush Royale solidifies their position as a leading tower defense game in terms of installs, active users, and revenue.

  4. Google's launch of YouTube Playables expands the gaming experience on the platform, providing developers with a new channel to reach and engage with players, potentially boosting game discoverability and user acquisition.

  5. Despite a decline in mobile games revenue in 2023, the industry continues to be a key driver of overall games revenue and player engagement, with mobile gaming's market share remaining significant and projected growth in the number of players.



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